Everyone at Sherlocked loves the atmosphere and creativity that cosplay brings to our events. Being given the opportunity to dress up and display your love for your favourite characters from the show in a safe, welcoming environment is important to us. We have a couple of opportunities to show off and the possibility of winning some prizes!

Cosplay is welcome in all parts of the show however it is necessary to set some restrictions as it is a family friendly event. Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden.

Download the full Costume Weapons and Props Rules HERE.

Cosplay Masquerade

We will be holding the Cosplay Masquerade the Sunday of the event. It is free to participate and to watch. Participants will be introduced to the staging area and can strut their stuff to show off their costumes to the audiences and judges.

Pre-registration for those taking part is to be done via the website HERE
and must be received by 30th April 2017.

Spaces are limited and will be issued on a first come basis.

First Prize $75 & Sherlocked Cosplay Winners Trophy.
Second Prize $50 & Sherlocked Cosplay Runners-Up Trophy.


Cosplay Photo Shoot

Scheduled into the programme will be the opportunity to have your photo taken by our professional photography team in your amazing cosplay. Priced at $10 this is the perfect way to show off your characters. You will get a print out on the day and digital copies will be available to purchase from our online store after the event.


Performance Hub

We also know that cosplay is not just about what you are wearing so the Performance Hub is the place to show your characterisations and theatrical talents. Scheduled into the programme this will be free to enter and free to watch. Performances must be no longer than 3 mins and can be done individually or in a group (no more than 6 people). They can be poetry, skits, dancing, lip syncing or whatever you want as long as it is Sherlock related, family friendly and does not involve any shipping. You can be in costume or come as you are.

Pre-registration for those taking part is to be done via the website HERE
and must be received by 30th April 2017.

Spaces are limited and will be issued on a first come basis.

Winning Prize $50 & Sherlocked Performance Hub Trophy



Please be aware that people will be taking photographs and videos at the event and by attending you consent to this. That does not mean you should not expect good manners of course! If you do experience problems please make the crew aware of the issues as soon as possible.



Do we have to enter the Cosplay Masquerade if we are cosplaying?
Not at all! If you want to come in cosplay but not be part of the competition that is fine.

Can I do my performance at the masquerade?
No. To give everyone the same opportunities the masquerade is just to showcase your costumes. Any acting or singing elements can be done at the Performance Hub.

What are the skill levels?
Depending on the amount of entries we get we may decide to split the masquerade into skill divisions. By stating which skill level you describe yourself as it gives the judges an idea of your previous experience and this can be taken into account during the marking process.
•    Novice – New to costuming and cosplay. Considered lower skill level than Journeyman or Master.
•    Journeyman – Costuming and cosplaying for some time. May have won awards previously. Considered higher skill level than Novice but not professional.
•    Master – Considered highest skill category. Have won awards at previous events. Anyone who had earnt payment on a professional level for their costumes.

Is there a youth category?
No. The TV show Sherlock in intended for those over 15 years old and as such our event is mainly geared that way too.  If those under 16 years want to participate in the masquerade they can do so in the applicable skill category.  If a youth is wearing a cosplay made by an adult then it is the skill level of the maker that determines the category.

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